What is an

Answering Service?


We get this question all the time.  It may seem dated or old fashioned, but answering services are alive and kicking even in today’s fast-paced world of endless computerized message prompts and calls going straight to voice mail.  Sound familiar?  We are the live voice you hear in the middle of the night when seeking relief from an emergency plumbing problem, water main break, sick pet, or perhaps a need to connect with your physician due to an urgent medical issue.  But our answering service is more than a live voice in the middle of the night.  We are also the live voice you hear when trying to call your dentist or doctor’s office during daytime hours.  The live voice you hear when calling for a quote from your favorite construction company or booking an appointment with your hair stylist.  We keep businesses connected to their customers/clients, so they know their needs are being taken care of rather than leaving a message on an electronic system.  We are an answering service; in the business of making connections between people.  Any day, any time, we are always here…